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I’ve only just met Pop Art Diva™ aka The Martini Diva™ aka @NormLchallenged™ aka Terry Dennis and I thought you might like to meet her too!

I was introduced to her through her Twitter and went poking around as I tend to do with interesting people.

I learned her newest coloring book was released on July 14th on Amazon. It’s called “Through the EYES of an ARTIST Fantasy Art Coloring Book: An Adult & Family Coloring Book of Fantasy Faces.”

This post contains Amazon affiliate links. I earn a small commission if you purchase after clicking any of the Amazon links in this post.

Here are sneak peeks inside some of the drawings in her book.

Terri admits she’s a serial colorist in a post titled “Confessions of a Serial Colorist” on her blog Coloring Life Happy and that,

“Coloring is my hobby, my profession, and a lifelong love. For six decades I have colored and sketched my way through life, surrounded by copious of sets of coloring apparatus as evidence of my affliction. It’s not curable and there is no chance of rehabilitation if you don’t want to quit. And I don’t. I’ve loved every moment, every doodle, every sketch, every minute of bringing an idea into reality, placing point to paper and coloring my world happier.”

Seriously read the whole post. She offers coloring tips and words of wisdom throughout the blog. There is a 40-minute podcast interview with Terri, where she shares insights into why coloring is trending, her artistic influences, and tips on coloring to preserve the art you create.

She doesn’t JUST color, she has been a commercial illustrator and graphic designer for 40 years. You’ll find her designs on mugs, cards, clothing and home decor in her Zazzle Store and her Etsy store has a vast selection of digital cocktail coloring pages.

She has two other blogs as well – Pop Art Diva and The Martini Diva.

Terri is a prolific producer and has a series of Cocktail Recipe Books and Coloring Books listed on Amazon.

I have my own confession to make – her book “Through the EYES of an ARTIST” is the first printed Coloring Book I’ve purchased since rediscovering a love need for coloring in my life.

I can’t wait for it to arrive. Amazon Prime, I <3 you.

Click the image and grab your own copy of “Through the EYES of an ARTIST” or one of her other coloring books.